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We store all our wines at recently refurbished fine wine storage chambers at Dinton Woods in Salisbury, owned by the London City Bond. Excavated from surrounding hillsides 70 years ago, our underground cellar provides ideal conditions for aging investment grade wine.

Dinton’s naturally low ambient temperature ensures optimum and consistent conditions for your wine. The facilities are temperature and humidity controlled and are designed to be both vibration and UV light free.

The chambers at Dinton benefit from a highly sophisticated security system, giving peace of mind to all of our clients. The chambers themselves are built from thick reinforced concrete with heavy steel doors. The cellars have a complex alarm system and are surrounded by a 3 metre high perimeter fence coupled with both CCTV and manned guards.

Dinton is situated within 100 acres of secluded woodland. Originally developed by the British Government for security purposes precisely because of its remote location, Dinton is uniquely suited to storing fine wine.

All assets stored with IG Wines are insured at market value. Storage and insurance is charged at £9.25 ex VAT per full case and £5.25 ex VAT per half case.