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March 26, 2018

Bollinger R.D. 2004, 6×75, £625, 96 Points


This morning we are delighted to release the stunning Bollinger R.D. 2004. Stunning because it is distinguished as one of the truly great Champagnes, stunning because it is from the incredible 2004 vintage and stunning as it has received one of its highest ever scores from Richard Juhlin with 96 points. The vintage was a delight for Champagne growers, experiencing a cool early summer which developed into a warm end to the season. This helped the grapes retain the necessary acidity, combined with concentrated fruit juice. All major Champagne Maisons have already released their 2004, Bollinger R.D. remains the final release! Today’s release of £625 per case of six, represents an excellent discount to similar scoring older vintages, which plot an attractive linear price appreciation.

Bollinger R.D. Richard Juhlin Price (6×75) POP
2004 96 £625 78
2002 93 £660 102
1999 94 £900 129
1997 92 £825 138
1996 96 £1,250 156
1995 95 £1,600 213
1990 93 £1,700 262
1988 97 £1,800 212
1985 95 £1,800 240
1982 95 £1,750 233

As the above table depicts, a Bollinger R.D. release is a rarity. However, it is also worth noting that the 1999 vintage was only released in magnum and jeroboams. Moreover the 2000 vintage of R.D. was only released in jeroboam and none was made in 2001. As can be surmised from the table, Bollinger R.D. displays appealing vintage premium, the above would suggest that if you were to buy two cases on release, you will be able to sell one and drink the other financed by the proceeds. Today’s release also represents the lowest Price Over Points Ratio of any vintage, half that of the same scoring 1996, which trades today at £1,250 per case of six. A superb prediction of its future value, based on quality as a pricing metric. Moreover, since our release of the 2002 in 2015 the last nine vintages have increased 46% in value, remarking its obvious appeal and long-term investment potential.

Bollinger R.D. is a Champagne that stands out, even among the very top names due to its rarity and global cachet. It is a truly remarkable wine, one that is hard to source in its youth and very expensive to acquire with bottle age. We are pleased to offer this today in limited quantity, on a purely first come first serve basis. Bollinger R.D. is the progeny of Lily Bollinger’s desire to release an older vintage disgorged much later than conventional vintage Champagnes. By doing so she created the unique style which has since been copied by every other Champagne house, yet not surpassed – the original oenotheque and still the most revered. Bollinger R.D. is the logical extension of their prestigious Grand Annee, achieved by ageing the wine longer on its lees. R.D. stands for recemment degorge or ‘recently disgorged’ in the hard working English tongue: R.D. is a registered trademark by Bollinger.

Bollinger only make R.D. in the finest vintages, remaining a unique expression of its pedigree and the vintage which defines its creation. In 2004 Bollinger have produced one of their greatest ever R.D., a blend of 66% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay. It has been selected from 16 Grand Cru (88%) and 2 Premier Crus (12%) and aged for 13 years in the epicentre of Bollinger, their cellar in Ay. As always this will be a sell-out offering, disgorged only a few months ago, but capable of ageing for 50 years and then some!

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