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June 25, 2014

Ultra Vie: The careful calculation of investing in wines


By Claire Burgess, 25 June 2014, Ultra Vie

IG Wines, fine wine merchant and investment advisory company, was founded by Paul Hammond and Jonathan Hirsch in April 2011. The London based company was a creation that came from a marriage of Paul and Jonathan’s love for fine wine. Jonathan’s background which comes from a lengthy family history in wine and Paul’s several years in the industry, as well as setting up wine charity ‘2 Water’, allowed them to use their fine wine knowledge and corporate backgrounds to create a business that they would have liked to have had available for their own use.

Offering a vast range of wines, found on their Live Marketplace, they offer bespoke advice to help clients build their wine portfolio, by investing, trading or enjoying the wines themselves.

Recently growing numbers of new luxury consumers has led to a growing global demand of luxury goods like fine wines, in finite supply, which are increasing rapidly in price. High-net worth individuals in new emerging market economies have created new growing consumer demand for investable wines. The famous 1982 vintage Pétrus, Lafite Rothschild and Latour are currently selling at approximately £55,000, £30,000 and £19,000 a case respectively. For individuals with money to invest in wines the market’s consistent growth makes wine highly attractive in terms of risk vs. reward profile.

IG wines uses precise technology to deliver management and investment valuation forclients. They use software streaming in real-time feeds from Liv-Ex and analytics for you to understand how your investments are performing. They have developed a mobile app available for smart phones and tablets which allows you to manage your portfolio on ‘Vinvault’ where clients can review live market data. There online magazine which delivers content on regions, blends and grape varieties allows clients to understand some of the greatest wines in the world and when is the best time to drink them.

They believe that tasting is a vital way of keeping up to date with new vintages and learning about new regions. The most rewarding way to learn about a wine region is visiting and drinking the wine there and so have close relationships with leading chateaux in Bordeaux and Tuscany and can offer clients bespoke travel packages.

IG Wines regularly partner with some of the worlds top producers to taste some of the most exclusive wines available and hold tastings for their clients. This week they have teamed up with Ultra Vie to present an exclusive wine tasting event on Thursday 3rd of July for Ultra Vie Members. They are essentially the online marketplace for wine connoisseurs, a trading floor, an analyst, a manager, a travel advisory and an ideal online shop for any wine requirement.

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