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Grand Puy Lacoste

Grand Puy Lacoste originated from one large estate that included its neighbour, the property now known as Grand Puy Ducasse. The estate was owned by Monsieur de Guiraud and was left by him to one of his two daughters and her husband Dejean. Dejean owned nearby Lynch Bages, however, it was under his son’s ownership the estate was split and the layout of the estate came to exist as we know it today.

The Château was passed down the female side of the family eventually arriving with one decedent who had married François Lacoste, this gave rise to the name used today. François was the owner during the 1855 classification where the price and reputation of Grand Puy  Lacoste earned it Fifth Growth status.

The Château remained in the Lacoste family for a number of generations, however, a period of instability and decline followed when the property was sold to Raymond Dupin in 1932. The estates’ fortunes began to turn around when Dupin sold half his shares to Jean-Eugène Borie. Today  the Borie family own the majority shareholding and Jean-Eugène’s son, François-Xavier manages the property.

Grand Puy Lacoste has performed better than its 5th Growth peers and the wines produced are often excellent, combining flavours of black fruit and cedarwood. This estate is a true example of a powerful and silky wine synonymous with the Pauillac appellation.