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Château Lafleur was part of the same property as Château Le Gay, situated just across the road and both were purchased by the Greloud family. Its neighbours include Pétrus, Vieux Château Certan and of course Le Gay. In 1872 Lafleur was founded by Henri Greloud, the great-great grandfather of today’s owner Jaques Guinaudeau. Henri divided Château Le Gay and Lafleur between his sons and under Charles’s leadership Lefleur flourished. Charles’s cousin André Robin eventually inherited both estates and after his death Marie and Thérèse Robin managed them for 40 years. After the death of Marie Robin in 2001 the estate was purchased by Jacques and Sylvie Guinaudeau who have been excellent custodians of this family heirloom and with their son, Baptiste,  look forward to future generations of family control.

The Guinaudeau’s have held true to André Robin’s personal motto, ‘qualité passé quantité’(quality surpasses quantity). Production is tiny and painstakingly managed by the owners themselves; it is often said Lafleur is run in a similar manner to a château in Burgundy rather than one in Bordeaux.

Château Lafleur is one of the finest wines from the Pomerol appellation and has a relatively higher proportion of Cabernet Franc grapes than its neighbours. This gives the wine a highly perfumed nose with complexity to rival Chateau Pétrus. Often possessing a hint of liquorice Lafleur gives off wonderful, opulent concentrated fruit flavours.

The wine produced by Lafleur is made in such small quantities and to such exacting standards by one family that it has become a cult wine for the most discerning and wealthy investor.