Managed Account

  • We offer a unique service for fine wine managed accounts. We focus on managing complete holdings, building and maintaining a balanced portfolio for consumption and investment with no management fees.
  • We offer free portfolio restructuring where we advise on selling wine and re-buying to maximise investment or to tailor for consumption.
  • We manage institutional accounts by actively acquiring fine wine, tailoring the wines purchased based on investment horizons and risk.
  • As well as managing accounts for individuals from the UK, Eastern Europe and the Americas, we manage the holdings of family offices and private equity funds.

Fine Wine Consumption

  • We receive allocations directly from negociants for the leading Grand Cru wines of Bordeaux. As a result we provide an excellent en primeur service to our clients, giving them access to leading Bordeaux estates at first tranche release prices.
  • We also have excellent relationships with negociants and distributors for the other leading wine regions and estates, ensuring our clients have access to all vintage releases throughout the year, be that Burgundy, Tuscany, Piedmont or Spain.

Trading Wines

  • Broker-dealer
    IG Wines acts as a cash buyer and a broker-dealer. Our live trading platform, global contacts and large database of clients means that we are a market leader in selling and buying.
  • Cash Buyer
    We offer some of the lowest margins in the market through our Marketplace and we provide extremely competitive cash offers for all the major investment grade wines in over 35 vintages.
  • Broker-dealer
    We act as a broker-dealer, where we broker wines at mid-market prices. We list the wines live on our trading platform, add the wines to our sales list and actively sell the wines in the UK, mainland Europe, Russia and Asia. We take a 10% fee for all wines we broker and are extremely efficient at selling due to the large flows we experience as a company.

Investment Analysis

  • IG Wines systematically analyses the global economy‚Äôs macro data, as it relates to the trends in the global consumption of fine wines. We prepare up-to-date reports about the fine wine market and its trends.
  • We carry out comprehensive quantitative analysis on the fine wine market and examine other factors such as seasonal trends and buying patterns to identify buying and selling opportunities ahead of the market.
  • We use two independent industry standard data sources, along with world-wide auction data and our own international flows to isolate changing global trends.